women-740665_960_720-300x200Hi, welcome to my blog.

My name is Dorothy and I am the beauty and brains behind this blog.  I grew up working with my dad, granddad and a whole bunch of family in a construction company.  I got to  learn the business from the inside out.  I followed them around lugging tools on weekends and afterschool once I got a little older I spent my summers working with them and earning a little cash.

After I finished high school I ran off the college but construction was still my calling.  I did manage to make it through all four years and earn a business degree which I use in the family business.  Once my dad retired I took the reins and here we are.

We work every aspect of home construction from replacing the roof to building you a new bathroom.

This is where I tell you all about it.

I am hoping I can provide some insight into the various aspects of home renovations, both for the pro and the DIY enthusiast trying to renovate on a small budget.


WIAM works locally in partnership with individuals and organizations to:

  • promote educational and cultural events;
  • provide a public forum for discussion, critical analysis and policy dialogue;
  • support peoples’ struggles at home and abroad;
  • foster an understanding of the links between local and world communities.

WIAM also strives to recruit and train young activists and leaders in community organizing and social change. Our vision is to create a sustainable and exciting future for all!

Welcome and thanks for dropping by!