Do I Need A Security Screen for My House?


What are security screens?

Security screens are a modern day application for the safety and protection of your house. A security screen is the type of screen used for your windows and doors to protect your house from burglars, heating inside your house, pests and dangerous UV rays.

These modern screen protectors are a very useful asset for your house as they can be customised according to the design of your choosing. You can choose the shape, size and even colour. While security screens are installed to keep the intruder out, they also allow the owner an emergency entrance into the house.

Why do I need security screens?

Security screens have been developed for the ease of residents and to give them a sense of protection. Though these screens are not impenetrable, they can provide sufficient amount of safety from many other things.

One thing many people don’t like is to walk into a house which feels like an oven. This problem can be solved by installing security screens at your windows and doors which keep these UV rays out and your house cool. Moreover, you can fit screens of your choosing which support your home’s appearance.

Pros of Security Screens:

Mesh used for security screens

• Gives you general protection from unwanted intruders
• Blocks almost 60 – 70% of the harmful UV rays and solar heat which heats up the house
• It comes with a unique emergency exit option as well in case of fire. This exit is easy, quick and disassembles with ease.
• Gives extra amount of room for ventilation in the house
• Custom built screen doors for the movement of your pet in and out of the house with ease

Cons of Security Screens:

• Security screens are penetrable if given enough time
• Installation is not easy for weak door frames
• Having not enough space for good leverage reduces the display’s effectiveness
• Security screens are a bit expensive

Parameters for choosing the right screen:

Frame: The best material for the frame of the screen s either Aluminum or Steel. Steel is known for its fundamental values and hardness so it is best suitable where security is the concern. Other than that Aluminum screen can also be used because it is corrosion resistant.

Infill: The infill is made out of steel which can be made of standard design or the design of your choosing.
It can be simple, or you can customise it to be made into a motif or an attractive design.

Locks: The locks on your security screen are preferred to have a three-point lock. This lock will prevent the door being wrenched from the bottom and the top by any burglar. Avoid using Wafer locks because they are quite vulnerable.

Corrosion Resistance: The material used in your screen should be corrosion resistant and should meet the specific standards. Make sure before buying that the material used meets the prescribed standards in your country or area.

Emergency Exit: The popular feature of security screen is the emergency exit in case of a fire.
Even if your security screen is not accommodated with this feature, you should still make sure that how easy and quick it is to get out of your house through the door in case of a fire.

Now you know all the basic information about installing and choosing security screens for your house. So choose wisely and analyse everything before finalising. Security screens for your homes are a great upgrade of your security.