Don’t Void the Warranty on Your Roof

Don't Void the Warranty on Your Roof

You would think that when you install shingles that are supposed to come with a lifetime warranty that the warranty will be good for ever.  Unfortunately that isn’t always the case and that assumption can end up costing you thousands.

In order for your roofing warranty to be valid you must adhere to all the requirements set forth by the manufacturer.  Unfortunately in order to win your business many contractors won’t inform of the details in your warranty.  If and when your shingles begin to warp the fine print on your warranty may not cover your replacement.

Do You Read Your Warranty

Very few people ever read the details of their warranty and if you didn’t read yours, you’re not alone.  If you go through the warranty line by line you’ll find that you must have the right amount of insulation along with proper ventilation in the attic for the warranty to be valid.  This is one of the reasons why it is so important to choose a contractor who will sit down with you and go over the details of your warranty.  Your contractor should also have insulated your roof properly, with ventilation and up to code so that your shingles don’t rot.

Picking the Right Contractor

The right contractor is not always the cheapest one but the one who does the project right.  You may pay a little more up front but your home will be more energy efficient and you won’t need to pay for a replacement in 10 years.  This by far offsets the cost of paying a little more doesn’t it?  The right contractor will explain to you that not insulating your attic will void your warranty and show you how to stop it from happening.

Why Shingles Fail

Shingles curl because the top and bottom are comprised of two different materials. The top of the shingle, the part you see is made from asphalt which is weather resistant.  The bottom of the shingle is made up of tar, tar is what helps the shingles stick to one another.  Tar is the part that is affected be heat and humidity and during the hot summer months if your roof isn’t ventilated the tar will heat up and cause your shingles to curl.

Don't Void the Warranty on Your Roof

Prevent Your Shingles from Curling

How can you prevent shingles form curling so that your warranty will be valid when and if you need it?  The answer is fairly simple make sure the attic is properly ventilated and insulated.  You need to make sure that your exhaust fan hoses are wrapped in insulated plastic, all gaps are sealed properly but there is still air flowing through the soffit and attic and out through the vent in the roof.  The simplest analogy is opening windows on the both sides of your home during a hot day to get a cross breeze.  This allows air to flow through cooling your attic.

The best way to make sure your shingles last a lifetime is to have the right roofing contractor licensed for roofing and certified to put in insulation and honest enough to warn you about your warranty.