Thinking Globally in the Classroom

Programs & Services

One World Film Festival

WIAM’s annual One World Film Festival promotes global issues through powerful documentary films. The festival is a place for people to learn and exchange ideas on global issues with independent Canadian filmmakers and locally based groups working for social justice and international development.

G.E.T. (Global Education Theatre) Going

G.E.T Going is a brand new theatre project for young people from across the city of Ottawa who will create and perform in a dynamic theatre group that will make a difference in the world.

Thinking Globally in the Classroom

WIAM’s Youth Outreach Program brings global issues to local Ottawa students and classrooms through a series of interactive workshops. These workshops are based on various themes and use film, interactive activities and other multimedia to reach the audience. We also conduct workshops for teachers in training at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education and create resources for teachers to teach global issues more effectively.

Radio Program – “A Luta Continua”

WIAM members produce A Luta Continua (the struggle continues) a 15 minute radio program about global issues. Please tune into CKCU FM 93.1 on Fridays @ 9:15 or just after the BBC world news to listen to the interview. You can also tune in via your computer using Real Audio.

One of the overall goals of WIAM is to raise appreciation among local youth of social justice issues from a global perspective. One of the best ways to do this is through the educational system, specifically through the educators who teach World studies as part of their courses.

A survey conducted by WIAM in 1999 revealed that teachers and students had limited access to resources on global education resources. This was in part the reduction in activities offered by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to schools. In recent years, many NGOs experienced funding cuts to their global education programmes. At the same time, teachers are pressed for time and resources to support the teaching of World Studies themes in the core of the high school curriculum. As a result, teachers have shown a strong interest in obtaining both materials and presenters on these themes.

Workshops: We organize workshops on development and social justice issues for groups in the community.

Global Issues Fact Sheets: These factsheets provide information on various global issues that are pertinent to the Canadian High School Curriculum. The factsheets include a summary of the issue, useful websites and actions that students can take to participate in the issue.

Film Library: WIAM has a film library. Rentals are free for members. Loans are available for one week.

Global Education Activities

The Teacher’s Kit: This kit is designed to help teachers teach global issues more effectively in their classroom, with using tips on how to access different resources.